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Posted: Fri, 5th Mar 2004, 5:42pm

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i have no clue how to get a new plugin . i have the winzip program but i just get comfused
Posted: Fri, 5th Mar 2004, 5:52pm

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owen rixon

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You download it. Then you unzip it (right click and select expand). The you find your Alam DV folder....i cant remember where it is, and you put the effect in there....then wen u start the program, it should say that a new plugin has been added.
Posted: Fri, 5th Mar 2004, 6:29pm

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On my XP, I download the ZIP file then:

Right-click on the Zip file, and select 'extract all'

Follow the small wizard thing.

Once unzipped, copy that folder in the zip folder

go to program files/AlamDV 2/plugins/ (or wherever ALAMDV is installed on your computer)

find the appropriate file that your plugin fits into...if there isnt one there, you can make a new folder.

Paste the copied plugin folder into the category.

Start up AlamDV

It should detect the new plugins, and just click 'ok'

It will install your plugins, and you can get to work.

Andrew biggrin