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Better graphics card = better speed?

Posted: Fri, 12th Mar 2004, 1:48am

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I have a GForce4 mx 64Mb. graphics card, If purchase a GForceFX 5900 128Mb. The Chromanator will run more fast or not noticeable?

P.D: Sorry by the cross post, but I really need the info
Posted: Fri, 12th Mar 2004, 2:57am

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I'm afraid graphic cards pretty much only count for gaming.
Posted: Fri, 12th Mar 2004, 3:10am

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Gaming cards do. If you were to go out and buy a professional graphics card from say, Matrox or ATI (FireGL), then you might get faster results. But as for Chromanator, your GeForce4 will run fine, and GeForceFX 5900 would be overkill.
Posted: Fri, 12th Mar 2004, 3:12am

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No as pooky said chromonator and even 3d apps only use the most basic functions of graphics cards so you won't see a difference.

Newer and more fancy gaming oriented cards arn't simply faster. They tend to include more and more new effects (which are only useful in games) and the extra processing required to render those specific effects. When the game or app doesn't support/require these effects they are often not much faster for basic 3d.