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Alamdv3 sticky topic. Delete all others

Should csb create just one Alamdv3 FAQ, then delete all the other ones posted by children?

No, i'm a child and i love whinging about stuff i have no clue about5%[ 1 ]
No, people should be allowed to repeat the same quesitons over and over again19%[ 4 ]
Not decided. I'm neither happy nor unhappy about Alamdv3's release10%[ 2 ]
Yes, morons who don't understand commerce or timelines, or project management really get my goat52%[ 11 ]
Hell yes! Why can't every alamdv3-pleb just shut up and die!14%[ 3 ]

Total Votes : 21

Posted: Sat, 13th Mar 2004, 7:40pm

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Alamdv3-related topics are getting out of hand. They're always the same, they always attract the same people, and the questions/answers/insults/bribes/infantile-blackmailing is always the same.

My suggestion, would be an AlamDV3 sticky thread/FAQ which uses quotes from current running threads, to list the answers to questions that people may pose. It should also list generic insults for all those pathetic imbeciles who return time and time again to post (under a different username) something claiming they won't buy Alamdv3.
Posted: Sat, 13th Mar 2004, 7:51pm

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I agree 100 percent. People should stop whining. Let CSB make the best program they can. Dont make false critism and argue that you want a program made this second. These things take time.

Posted: Sat, 13th Mar 2004, 7:58pm

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i voted for yes, but im not as angry about it as everyone else
Posted: Sat, 13th Mar 2004, 9:01pm

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I was very tempted to pick the first answer - jst because it has "no clue" in the statement. biggrin

I like to pop in and read through the latest forum posts now and again, just to see what everyone is chatting about. However, 3 pages of sad little whiny girls bitching about AlamDV3 not being released just pisses me off. It's the same crap the CSB guys had to put up with at Xmas over Chromanator.

Can't we find some way of listing all the whiners, wiping their force points and then emailing them a terminal virus that completely burns their hard drives?

Mwhahaha twisted

Bye bye little girlies,
Posted: Sat, 13th Mar 2004, 11:40pm

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yeh the people that whine over the program day in and day out annoy me also. The only reason why I would be upset is if they were just upgrading the old one. If that was the case then they could do that quicker BUT They said though that they were completely rewriting the source code for speed purposes which I commend them for and will gladly wait so my render times move quicker.