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Chromanator issue

Posted: Mon, 15th Mar 2004, 8:36pm

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Denise CookXClam

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one thing thats not good at all about chromanator is that you cannot key out blue/green etc. or even use garbage mattes on still images. the image has to be turned into video before chromanator will be able to use these tools on it. i spent 30 mins last night before i discovered this problem. so then i tried making video out of a rectangular shaped picture in Premier...and it squashed the picture down to fit the 720x480 requirements of the standard video. so i could not use this picture in Chromanator and also key out the background without having it be all squashed. sucks.
Posted: Mon, 15th Mar 2004, 9:12pm

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Joshua Davies

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I think this was fixed with the PR2 release? If it wasn't it is fixed in the version I'm using so it will be ok in the final release.
Posted: Tue, 16th Mar 2004, 7:04pm

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Ive used garbage mattes on images and keyed out blue/green.
Posted: Tue, 16th Mar 2004, 7:53pm

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Yea, it works fine since PR2