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getting my movies from windows movie macker to alamdv

Posted: Sun, 21st Mar 2004, 6:29pm

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i dont know how to get my movies from windows movie macker to alam dv.

i tried changing my codec to mov. but i dont know how

help please

oh and sorry about the message where its just devils but i pressed something by accident
Posted: Sun, 21st Mar 2004, 6:34pm

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WMV files aren't supported by AlamDV2


AlamDV3 will support them

Try using another editor.

Andrew biggrin
Posted: Sun, 21st Mar 2004, 6:53pm

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Or make it an avi smile
Posted: Sun, 21st Mar 2004, 6:57pm

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Simon K Jones

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WMV files are generally nasty, but I'm not sure when anybody mentioned those.

AlamDV2 can use avi and mov files. The only major problem it has is with the MicrosoftDV codec, so as long as you're not using that you should be fine. Check this for more info: