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please please please help

Posted: Sat, 3rd Apr 2004, 3:39pm

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hello i have ascked this question loads and loads how do u add sound back onto ur alamdv movies in the most detailed way how do u do it

please help me !...!...!...!
Posted: Sat, 3rd Apr 2004, 3:58pm

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OK! Ready? This is the most detailed way.

After you've exported from alamdv... Still with me?

You import your video back into your editing software.... And line up the video with the audio track!

I hope that wasn't too detailed to follow. biggrin
Posted: Sat, 3rd Apr 2004, 4:10pm

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Basically, to elaborate on Aculag's answer,

First you export out of Alam as a different name than the original footage.

Then, you take it into your editor.

In most editors you should be able to split up the audio and video of a clip using a right click. If you can't do that, then you can probably just drop the clip itself into the audio track. And then put the footage with the effects in the video layer. Simple.
Posted: Sun, 4th Apr 2004, 4:12am

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i notice you have opened lots of topics in the forums. Why not try taking the time to think through them and put them into one so we don't get bogged down with so many different questions from so many different places?