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Sideways shattering glass

Posted: Tue, 6th Apr 2004, 7:46am

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I saw the regular shattering glass plugins, as though you are looking right at the glass. I was wondering somebody could make a sideways shattering glass effect. The best movie example I can give is from Terminator 2, when the Terminator goes through the glass, and they have that side angle of him coming out, that's kinda what I was thinking of. Thanks.
Posted: Tue, 6th Apr 2004, 4:10pm

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you couldnt just alter the glass plug-in that is available to make it come from the side? im pretty sure you can..shouldnt look too bad
Posted: Tue, 6th Apr 2004, 8:15pm

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You could, but it wouldn't look too good if it was an extreme side angle, which I assume is what he needs.
Posted: Tue, 6th Apr 2004, 8:25pm

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Jeez, man! Just break real glass! What's so hard about that? Why do you need a plugin for that?! JEEZ, MAN!!!!!!