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QUESTION: Buying greenscreens

Posted: Wed, 7th Apr 2004, 12:28am

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Hello, my son comes to this site often, and know he uses an effects program he got on this site with some friends. Well, his birthday is this friday and on his list is the chromonator, and I understand that this is a green screen program of some sorts. I am buying him the program (which is downloadable I believe) but I need help on purchasing a green screen for him. The wall I want to use is 16' x 12' and I'm not sure what material the screen should be, and what the lighting situation should be. Thank you for the help!
Posted: Wed, 7th Apr 2004, 1:19am

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As far as the material, you want the purest green color possible, and you want the coler to be very even over the entire surface. If you use fabric, you want as few seams and wrinkles as possible; stretch it tight to keep it smooth, Also, you will probably want to bring the green down onto the floor for a ways as well. If you could get six feet of green on the floor, that wuould be pretty good I think. That way, he can stand on the green and get a full-body shot.

There are a variety of Greenscreen paints and fabrics available at Studio Depot, but you may notice that thay are a bit pricey. If you can afford this stuff, it is the best way to go. If you need something a bit cheaper, then just get some really green paint, or run down to your local fabric store and get some cheap cloth that is bright green. Looking at the pictures on that site will give you an idea of the shade of green you are after. The biggest differences in the real Greenscreen cloth is that is is fire-retardant, because to properly light a greenscreen, you have a lot of lights and it can get pretty warm. A bit of common sense can keep it from being an issue, though, even if you are using plain old cloth.
Posted: Wed, 7th Apr 2004, 1:38am

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well good for you! my parents helped me out with the greenscreen, but to give such a great gift as chromanator and a greenscreen to your son all on your own is great... I just set up a screen in my basement on saturday with some greenfabric hanging from a rafter in my basement that comes down onto a floor. Then use ordinary swivel house lights to light it and you'll get a good key. My keys look fine with that look and happy birthday to your son! Chromanator is a great program and im sure he'll love your gift!
Posted: Wed, 7th Apr 2004, 5:50am

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As Axeman stated, true greenscreen fabric or paint is the best way to go. I bought a 10 x 30 foot greenscreen and it came out to about a dollar per square foot, but it is one piece. This material is expensive, but keys out perfectly. I also got some green paint sample cards from Home Depot and they keyed out very well. So, just about any green that is bright and well lit, should work. Another thing to know, is that you should use only green for DV tape, do not use blue! As for lighting, the link below has a basic lighting layout for blue/green screen compositing.,subcat-MULTIMEDIA.html

I hope this helps, best of luck.


JediMaster33 cool
Posted: Wed, 7th Apr 2004, 9:07am

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If you do use paint, make sure its matte and not gloss. When you shine lights onto gloss paint it'll reflect off it making the colour non-uniform and you won't get a good key. Fabric seems to be the best as you will get very little reflection from lights.
Posted: Wed, 7th Apr 2004, 1:39pm

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Darn, I thought you were my dad till I read that your son's birthday was on Friday. Oh well, I guess I'llhave to get my Chromy and Greenscreen on my own. *sigh*
Posted: Mon, 26th Jul 2004, 8:13pm

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I have been searching through this site for any tips on where to get green / blue screens in the U.K. I have seen various web sites all charging a silly amount of cash, or EBay but only from America, and I don't really trust EBay...

If anyone has any links or info on this, I am sure others would appreciate it too. Or perhaps you have had some success making your own out of old bits of card and a bucket of paint? It would be good to here form anyone who has managed to get some success, at a fairly cheap price...
Posted: Mon, 26th Jul 2004, 10:19pm

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For DXM, we just bought green felt, and sewed the strips together to get one large piece. The seams were there, but they keyed out just fine, mostly due to the fact that they were so small. Chromanator is pretty versatile, so as long as you have something that is bright, and green, you'll basically be okay. The lighting is really the most important part for greenscreening. Even and bright, That's what you want. Don't forget that the camera darkens the corners of the frame slightly, due to the fact that the lens is round, so it's just as important that the edges of the greenscreen are bright, and not just the middle.
Posted: Tue, 27th Jul 2004, 12:43pm

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Had a look at the TM site, looks like it was a lot of fun making that movie. Was interesting to see 'the making of'. Something like that from other people would be great, the sharing of successes and failures caught on camera...not only entertaining but also educational too.
Posted: Tue, 7th Sep 2004, 5:17pm

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how musch is 48"x 10 yards in m2?