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Buy AlamDV2 for PC, get AlamDV3 for Mac?

Posted: Mon, 12th Apr 2004, 6:07am

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Hello Everyone,

I've been visiting this awesome site on and off for about a year, and have decided to officially join.

Seeing that there have been posts about problems running AlamDV2 on Macs OS X, I have been waiting for version 3 to come out. But that is still in the works.

My question is if I purchase AlamDV2 for my Windows ME PC, would I be able to get the free AlamDV3 upgrade for my Mac? Or would it have to be for the Windows format only? That way I can start working and practicing on my PC, and when the newer version comes out, have it installed to my Mac where I usually do all my video editing.

Posted: Mon, 12th Apr 2004, 8:01am

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Yes, you will be able do this. When AlamDV3 comes out we will give everyone the choice of whether they want the Mac or Windows version.