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QUESTION: Quicktime 6.5 required?

Posted: Wed, 14th Apr 2004, 6:13pm

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I have downloaded and installed the new version of Chromy Gold. Why it is asking me for the quicktime 6.5 or greater, when with the second version I was working fine? Do I have to purchase Quicktime to be able to work with Gold? That's extra expensise!!
Posted: Wed, 14th Apr 2004, 6:23pm

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You are mistaking Quicktime and Quicktime Pro. You only need Quicktime, but you need to latest version (6.5), which is a free download from the Apple website.
Posted: Wed, 14th Apr 2004, 9:31pm

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Joshua Davies

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Indeed, you don't need QuickTime 6.5 Pro (which you have to pay for) just regular QuickTime 6.5.
Posted: Mon, 19th Apr 2004, 12:50pm

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OK and ths#anks for your interest. Problem solved, s l o w t h i n k e r you . . . . . . . . .d