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QUESTION: Rendering speed query

Posted: Fri, 16th Apr 2004, 4:01am

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Hello to all,

I just purchased Chromanator. Wow the possibilities. I'm
really into compositing, background mattes and special fx.
The whole enchilada! My question is the rendering speed of
Chromanator. I've notice it's not as fast as I thought it would
be? I'm dreaming REAL-TIME ya know. Is there anything that
I could do to my PC to tweak it for better performance?
I'm comparing it to the speed of OpenGL Wondertouch's
"Particleillusion" program which is fast enough on my PC.
I don't understand why I have to render everytime I move
to the Timeline? Another program that seems to handle image
layers pretty well is "Moho" by Lost Marble. I also use AE, but
find it's to ram expensive to work with when I need to be creative
and fast. The price was great for this program hands down. However,
I've purchased lot's o' software that I thought would be the next
greatest thing, but now just lives on a cd somewhere.

When creating mattes I also noticed the need for lot's of feathering
to get rid of jaggies in some places? Whats up with that?
I was hoping for finer results you get in PS. Anyway, don't get me
wrong this software rocks. I just want to get better performance from it.

My system -
P4 2.4Ghz/512 ram/120GB HD
NVIDIA GeForce video board

Thank's for the feedback!
Posted: Fri, 16th Apr 2004, 7:22am

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Joshua Davies

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Thanks for your purchase, its always good to meet another Chromanator user smile

You shouldn't get jaggies on your mattes, its all a question of using the correct project/camera settings - this is how Chromanator finds out how to work against the specific quality issues which DV footage creates. There should be a fair bit of information about this in the manual and some more pratical tutorials will appear on the site in the very near future.

As for speed, Chromanator is actually pretty quick for what it does. Sure its not as fast as a hardware keyer, but it gives you a whole host of animation and effects options not possible with hardware keying while being a tiny fraction of the price. Compared to AE or Premiere its just as quick at the basics (maybe even a bit quicker).

What Chromanator doesn't have is a method or rendering your footage inside the program for internal realtime playback - because of the nature of the program as a tool to use with an editing system, and the fact that you can render an external file just as quickly as any internal render, it seemed that our energy could be spent better elsewhere (there are only 2 programmers on Chromanator).

Particle Illusion is a totally different ball game. Like a computer game it uses your gfx hardware to show particles on screen, but when you render it slows down quite a bit because (I think) it reads from the gfx hardware back to the computer just like Chromanator (even if it doesn't then it still has to use a software renderer which is far slower than the realtime onscreen display). Normally information goes straight from the cpu > gfx card > monitor and this is highly optimised and very quick. Sending information from the cpu > gfx card > cpu is only optimised in professional gfx cards (not consumer GeForce or Radeon cards).

Put simply, professional gfx cards should speed up Chromanator a fair bit at some tasks, but at the same time there is a lot of processing power which goes in to each frame you are rendering. Each layer needs to be loaded, keyed, graded, flattened and each frame compressed in to a movie and saved. The faster your processor the faster this will be. In the future we will be working more on the high quality render engine to improve resolution (we want to support HD some time this year) and speed as much as possible.
Posted: Fri, 16th Apr 2004, 3:52pm

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Thank's for the feedback schwar.
I'll go back and read the manual
and see what I missed on the subject.
I also look forward to new updates and
tutorials in the coming future too!
I'm a tutorial kind of person. Thank's
again for the information. smile

Posted: Fri, 16th Apr 2004, 3:54pm

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Simon K Jones

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We should have some tutorials going up next week, so keep an eye on FXhome. wink