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QUESTION: The quickstart isn't giving the expected results?

Posted: Fri, 16th Apr 2004, 4:36pm

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I'm getting some fuzzyness around the edges with the Quickstart tutorial. I'm using the sample files, set my white/black to 42/18, rendering with "High Quality" and it seems like I'm getting excessive fuzzyness around the edges. I've attached a screen dump of the actors head from the final frame of the movie. Is this the way its supposed to look?

Posted: Fri, 16th Apr 2004, 6:39pm

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Mine doesnt look like that. Id say fool around with the settings some more...
Posted: Fri, 16th Apr 2004, 8:53pm

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Hmm, I followed the quick start exactly and I got no such thing.. odd.
Posted: Fri, 16th Apr 2004, 9:39pm

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Are you sure you started the project in PAL settings? I believe the quickstart footage is shot in PAL.
Posted: Sun, 18th Apr 2004, 9:47pm

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Simon K Jones

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As Turin said, setting the project up correctly it important - make sure you choose DV-PAL progressive, otherwise you could get unpredictable results.
Posted: Mon, 19th Apr 2004, 11:14pm

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I used to have that problem until I switched to PAL.