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AlamDV on osX solved?

Posted: Sun, 18th Apr 2004, 12:06am

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Ok, My new mac supports classic, but I can't boot into os9. Most of you know that new macs are like this. So, you can't install alam. Bummer, I was sad sad
So, I used my older mac and installed it there. Then with the two connected with a firewire cord I booted the old one with the target disc command,(holding down the T key) . This makes it an external hard drive. Then I copied over the os9 system folder and some apps (like alam)to the new mac and now it works. Classic is still working well, and I have alam on a non os9 bootable machine. Maybe this will help some of you. Maybe there is a better way, but it works for me. Weeeeeeeeee!