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Can I sell my copy of AlamDV2?

Posted: Sun, 18th Apr 2004, 1:54pm

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Since ive bought alam i haven't really made a proper film as you all know because i havent been able to get a proper camcorders plus my old camcorder broke and i havent really used the program at all since ive got it. Anyways is it possible for me to re-sell the program or get some sort of refund from CSB?

It just seems a waste when someone else could benefit from the program.

Posted: Sun, 18th Apr 2004, 1:55pm

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I'm pretty sure the license agreement keeps you from doing that.
Posted: Sun, 18th Apr 2004, 2:43pm

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No you cant sell it cause then csb loses money ad its against the license agreement. Your stuck with it. With software, you are limited with that.
Posted: Sun, 18th Apr 2004, 3:27pm

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The licence for the software can not be transfered in anyway. This is standard for just about all software - hence, never buy second hand software.