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New set of tutorials

Posted: Tue, 27th Apr 2004, 12:57pm

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Simon K Jones

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Hot on the heels of the first batch of tutorials, we've released a new set that delves into some more complex ways of using Chromanator. Also included in this new set are some general filmmaking tutorials, which will hopefully prove useful for those of you just starting out.

Click here for the Chromanator tutorials.

Click here for the filmmaking tutorials.

Live Chat Events update
The results from last week's poll seem to indicate that a late-afternoon (EST US time) slot would be the most convenient time for us to hold our first Live Chat Events. We'll be working out the schedule for the first few Events soon, so keep an eye on the FXhome news if you don't want to miss any!

Click here for more information on the live chat events.
Posted: Tue, 27th Apr 2004, 4:38pm

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awesome tutorials - I hadn't realized the total scope of power and versatility of chromanator until I just reviewed these. Thanks!
Posted: Tue, 27th Apr 2004, 4:42pm

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Those'll come in handy.

10 Bucks says people still come in and ask questions about things that are clearly stated in those though.
Posted: Tue, 27th Apr 2004, 7:18pm

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Very good tutorials. Really easy to follow and understand.

*raises a thumb
Posted: Tue, 27th Apr 2004, 7:20pm

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Theyre awesome., A lot of stuff I didnt know you could do there.
Posted: Fri, 30th Apr 2004, 12:00am

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Wow....! Wow!Wow! Excellent work, Tarn! Those are extremely helpful.
Looking forward to the next set.