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Posted: Tue, 4th May 2004, 12:31pm

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What category is right for Norway (contru of residense when i order alamdv2)

Usa or other
or eec? Norway is not a part of eec?

The reason I ask is becouse we got a failure messege when i tried to order.
Posted: Tue, 4th May 2004, 12:53pm

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Entering the wrong option for the "country of residence" will not cause the transaction to fail. That field is not used by the bank, it is simply for our records, so any option will be valid. If you are in Norway then the correct option is "Other".

Your transaction will be failing on one of the other fields. Please check your are entering the details exactly as shown on your credit card. If you still have problems you may want to try paying with paypal or via mail order.