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Posted: Tue, 4th May 2004, 3:36pm

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When I tried too export a movie (about 2 minuttes long) it took a half hour. Is this normal, or is it becous I exported it as a divx file? What is the best way to export it? Exept quick time?
Posted: Tue, 4th May 2004, 3:58pm

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export it in avi uncompressed. And yes, it could take 30 minutes to render a two-minute shot, depending on which computer you have.
Posted: Tue, 4th May 2004, 6:31pm

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yeah, uncompressed is the wsay to go.
Posted: Tue, 4th May 2004, 6:32pm

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The only other thing that will actually work is cinepac, and we all know how bad that is...
Posted: Wed, 5th May 2004, 2:38am

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Also, your clips shouldn't be that long, anyway... work in the shots you need effects in only, and it's good just to split those up too... make them no more than 30 seconds each, I'd say.