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Problem rendering in AlamDV

Posted: Thu, 6th May 2004, 3:05am

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I have a scene with more than 1 effect on it and when I try to render the scene the effects shift and become incorrectly positioned. For example, I have a lightsaber fight scene, and when I render it, the lightsaber effects move during rendering and do not match up with the lightsaber toy used to create the scene. What could I do to fix this problem?

Posted: Thu, 6th May 2004, 7:20pm

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did you make sure that the effects are on the time line matched up with where you want them? This happens to me sometimes, the saber or whatever is a few frames ahead or behind of the prop. Just check that. Other wise, i have no idea...
Posted: Thu, 6th May 2004, 9:44pm

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The best way to prevent this from happening is to keyframe every frame. It happens when you tween, and the saber moves from where you last put it and gets screwy..

So even if you have not moved the saber, click once on the image of the saber on each frame to establish that it's in that spot for that frame and not tweening from the last keyframe.