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Interlaced Image Problem

Posted: Tue, 11th May 2004, 9:20am

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This maybe a really simple problem but i just want to make sure. When i import videos into AlamDv 2 the images are interlaced causing lots of lines across the image where theres movement. This makes it hard to animate a light saber scene because i can't see where the prop light saber is. Is there any way i can change this, I know that it is because of my camera (Sony DCR-TRV240E) but just wondering if there is a way to get rid or this.
Posted: Tue, 11th May 2004, 9:41am

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There is no easy way around this in AlamDV2, unfortunately. However, AlamDV3 will be able to cope just fine, by using a method called 'split field'. This is where it takes each frame and splits it into its two separate interlace fields, temporarily turning them into separate frames. This doubles the framecount of the movie but retains full quality. Then when you render the fields are put back together again as they were, with the addition of the effects.

Check out the Chromanator demo if you want a glimpse at how this works.
Posted: Tue, 11th May 2004, 10:51pm

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I suppose the only solution for you at present would be to deinterlace the footage in your NLE prior to importing the footage into ALAMDV2. If you keep the frame rate the same this should turn out ok.

How do you de-interlace footage? Well that depends on what NLE (editing program) you are using. Fortunately there is a wide variety people who use many different tools.
Hopefully someone in the community can help you deinterlace if you don't know how to do it with your editing program.