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American Civil War

Posted: Thu, 20th May 2004, 7:23pm

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Greetings, great plugin-makers. I have requests for a few plugins that I need for a history project. My group and I came up with the topic "Death in a Nutshell" and I need some plugins that aren't on the site to assist me with it. Here is a list that I hope could be fulfilled.

~A Civil War-style cannon (my teacher said that the most used kind was a Napoleon-style cannon)
~Flame and smoke to come out of the cannon as if it was shot (the kind of smoke that shoots straight for about 15 feet before dissolving)
~Some musket muzzle flashes and some muzzle flashes from old handguns and stuff
~A mortar bomb, with or without explosion

And that's about it. It would be great if someone could make these for me, and I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Posted: Thu, 20th May 2004, 8:13pm

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Posted: Fri, 21st May 2004, 12:12am

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I made a few Black Powder muzzle flashes a while ago. You can find them here. They are from a black powder cartridge revolver (.38 caliber). I filmed them against black at night, so you don't really get the smke that should be there; I'm still trying to come up with the best way to film them to get the muzzle flash and the smoke together, and still be able to seperate them out for building a plug-in.

The amount of smoke you get from any black powder weapon is insane. You fire that pistol once and you have to wait 15-20 seconds to be able to see what you hit, because the smoke is so thick.

I also did a plug-in of a black powder fuse burning which you might find useful, located here, and then another, closer view right here.
Posted: Fri, 21st May 2004, 12:40pm

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Bowie: I showed that cannon to my teacher and he said that it wasn't the right kind of cannon. I suppose it would work, but the right kind of cannon would be best.

Axeman: I forgot about the plugins you made. Heh. So thanks for the help.

If someone could make the cannon for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.