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Tutorial Additions Suggestion

Posted: Fri, 21st May 2004, 3:09am

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I think it would be nice and convienent if we brought up some of the good tutorials posted on the forum in the past (such as the BAMF, or Bullet Time, Or Sollthars "film look" tutorial, etc) and put them in the filmmaking tutorial sections under the more tab. I think itll be easier than searching through many topics to find something you want to know how to do. Just an idea.
Posted: Fri, 21st May 2004, 4:11am

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Those are some great tutorials smile

But I think the actual tutorials section of the site is for official tutorials, one's that the team feels are very helpful, and of course, made by Tarn smile
Posted: Fri, 21st May 2004, 5:59am

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Not so. I believe you will find 'unofficial' tutorials included in there as well in the not-too-distant future. They probably wanted to get the official ones taken care of first, then I imagine they will dig up some of those fine older tutorials, dust 'em off, and plop them into more convenient, easy-to-find locations (like the tutorials section).

Good idea, Brettsta, and I'm sure it will be implemented in time. Probably fairly soon too, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. The crew is pretty busy right now, as we are all aware.