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Clone Problem

Posted: Thu, 27th May 2004, 4:23am

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When I do my cloneing for this scene I can still see the box from the garbage matte. It's not really like a box but its a really visible outline. When my character's moveing you can tell he's surrounded by it.
Sorry If you're confused and thanx if you can help
Posted: Thu, 27th May 2004, 7:42am

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you need to feather the garbage matte by a few pixels.


Canta unsure
Posted: Thu, 27th May 2004, 11:49am

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Simon K Jones

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A visible outline comes about due to slight lighting mismatches. Even if you tried to keep the lighting exactly the same, it can still happen, and may not be apparent until you try to piece the different shots together.

As Canta said, if you apply a feather to the matte, it will blur the edge.
Posted: Thu, 27th May 2004, 5:42pm

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But shaddoes are still very tricky. Try to get the shadow to fall toward the camera.