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Old effects don't work

Posted: Sat, 29th May 2004, 1:36am

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I have installed a bunch of the older effects (electrical arc, dr who booth etc) They all show up on the fx pull down window, but when I click on them they do not work, nothing happens. Any suggestions? Mac user.
Posted: Sat, 29th May 2004, 7:40pm

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I don't know but maybe you should PM Schwar, Malone or Tarn about it?
Posted: Sun, 30th May 2004, 3:25am

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Are you booted in OS9, or are you running Classic? Not sure it should make much difference, just trying to narrow the problem down. Does it only happen with some old effects?

Did you try re-installing the effects? Take one of the problematic effects out of the plug-ins folder, run the plug-in installer to remove it properly, then put it back and run the plug-in installer again to see if that helps. Just one plug-in shouldn't take long; if it works, you can do the others as well.