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Fraud attempt?

Posted: Tue, 1st Jun 2004, 10:46pm

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I have just received a mail from Fxhome saying I requested my magic code to be sent to me again. LIE. What's all this about? -So you know there are people out there trying to steal from us.

Posted: Tue, 1st Jun 2004, 10:49pm

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Looks like it. If you're received that email, then someone has used your details, thinking that the magic code will be emailed to *them* not you. morons.

The reason its done is not so you know people are stealing, but because if the email wasn't sent, you'd never get it if you really did ask for your code to be re-emailed razz - theres no way of telling whether a request is legit or not if the details provided are correct.
Posted: Tue, 1st Jun 2004, 11:33pm

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The nice thing is, these days they have the new thing in your profile that tells what IP they logged in on biggrin The sessions tab. That prob. wont do alot, but hey! You got a nice number to look at!

Andrew biggrin