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real blood

Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 1:26pm

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ok. making a new film, and have decided to have a crack at making plug-ins. i'm using mostly visual fx instead of special fx, but there are some situations where plug-ins are gonna be needed. for example, i wanna do a bullet hit, as in the blood that comes from a wound on impact. although squibs always look better, there are a few shots where i'm gonna need plug-ins. however the cg ones look bad. if i wanted an animated plug-in of a blood squirt, do i just film blood squirting from a pipe against a bluescreen then put it in plugger? i checked the tutorials but i'm still unsure about it. if anyone knows if it is this simple or not, please let me know! thanks
Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 1:45pm

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I would not suggest putting it against a bluescreen, because the plugger only takes things against black or with an alpha channel. I think there is one for white too. The plugger also only takes frames, so you will have to convert your footage to frames first. (AlamDv will do that). Read the manual again for the types of the plugin distuinguishing to be sure.
Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 1:54pm

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If you film against a bluescreen then you can turn the blue into an alpha channel using photoshop or a similar method (for more info see here:
Then you can run the images through plugger. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.
Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 2:21pm

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Chuter, if you give me the clip, I will make it for ya, and then you can submit it to the plugin section if you want?

Andrew biggrin