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How do I get force points?

Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 4:37pm

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I know this seems like such a dumb question but its a question that I dont know the answer to. How do I get Force Points??? Thanks

The Renegade
Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 5:06pm

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The more you use the search engine on the site, the more force you receive! I used the search engine many months ago in order to answer this very question! Good luck!

If that doesn't work and you don't seem to be receiving force, contact the user called xcession, he is excellent at answering such questions.

Posted: Thu, 3rd Jun 2004, 1:13am

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Umm i am very new. What are force points? You guys are probaly this guy knows nothing. okay well yeah pretty much. the only thing i know about is filming.hahahaha
Posted: Thu, 3rd Jun 2004, 1:36am

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Force points are what you recieve when you are helpful, submit AlamDV plugins, or get + ratings on the board. If you post something that is helpful, a Gold User can rate it a + or a - . The more +'s, the more force. At the end of the week, the number of +'s determines the force amount. I am not quiet sure the exact numbers with the ratings, but i think the most you can get is 100? not very sure.

Plugins you get force for if you either get an award for it being a wellmade/useful plugin. You also get a small bit just for submitting it.

Also, people can choose to take some of their own force, and trasfer it over to you through their settings in their profile.

You also get it for purchasing a CSB-Digital product such as AlamDV or Chromanator.

Once your force is over 1000, your light saber color changes: first is blue, then yellow..etc.

The sabers are located to the left of each person's post, to the right of their name.
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Posted: Mon, 7th Jun 2004, 1:38am

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Just one thing, DON'T stress about getting force points. They don't do much for you, except allow for a larger avatar and change your lightsaber color. They're only a way of saying, "Hey, great job!".