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Just a little suggestion...

Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 7:09pm

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What if you make the "FXHome" banner in the upper left corner to a hotlink that leads back to the FXHome-frontpage?
I can't see any other quick way to get back to the frontpage...
(Yes, I'm lazy biggrin)
Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 7:14pm

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Clcik fxhome in the menu bar smile
Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 9:18pm

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It used to do something similar on the old site I believe. I think it went to the community front page rather than back to the homepage.
Posted: Wed, 2nd Jun 2004, 10:55pm

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Most browsers these days have a feature called bookmarks. biggrin You could always bookmark the frontpage for a quick link back, but as was menioned, the FXHome link in the top menu bar will take you there as well.