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Pauses in rendered movie

Posted: Fri, 4th Jun 2004, 12:24pm

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Hi All,

I'm new to Chromanator and have just started rendering my first clip. Unfortunately whenever I render anything to .mov as either high or quick render the final file skips when you play it. It plays about 3 seconds then puases and jumps forward a few seconds then jumps to the end of the movie. The movie clip is only about 10 seconds long and it doesn't matter what I play it in it still jumps. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: Fri, 4th Jun 2004, 12:29pm

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If you render your clip using an "uncompressed" codec, the computer usually can't play it very well due to the fact that it takes so much memory and processor power to play each frame. try importing it back into Chromanator and scrubbing through it on the timeline, i'm sure all the frames are going to be there.
Posted: Fri, 4th Jun 2004, 12:43pm

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Thanks for your help. I renedered as Quicktime DV instead of Quicktime None and its done it without skipping. Cheers.
Posted: Fri, 4th Jun 2004, 6:24pm

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quickime none wouldnt skip when its inserted into an nle by the way.. At least I think.