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Is Chromanator compatible with Pinnacle

Posted: Sat, 5th Jun 2004, 1:25am

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i don t now if i should buy this product because i don t now if it is compatible with other programe like pinacle who take the movie from the pc to put it back on camera watch it on tv
help please ........
Posted: Sat, 5th Jun 2004, 1:37am

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In short, yes it is compatable. You import into chromy, do your stuff, then export. The file will work in almost every editor, including pinnacle.
Posted: Sat, 5th Jun 2004, 1:46am

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I am sorry, but it took me a second to relize you were talking about Chromantor. I thought you were talking about some new allergy drug or something.

"When your allergies are bad, get 'Chrono' - thats C-H-R-O-N-O...

Ask your docter if Chrono is right for you"

hehehe....ohhh me

Andrew biggrin