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Posted: Sat, 5th Jun 2004, 12:17pm

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I need serious help! when i'm gonna make my own plugin everything goes fine untill i'm gonna add it to the movie i alam. well for example: i press the "special effects" button and press the plugin i've made, but nothing happens!!how should i do???? no comments like "try restart your computer" because i've done that a sevral times
Posted: Sun, 6th Jun 2004, 2:13pm

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You don't have Alam DV, so you can't run plugins, unless you didn't put in your magic code. In that case, you probably put your plugin together wrong, maybe. Because this has happened to me.
Posted: Fri, 9th Jul 2004, 5:08am

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You can't put plugins into C:\Program Files\AlamDV2\plugins then expect them to work. They need to be inside a folder which is inside the plugins folder (C:\Program Files\AlamDV2\plugins\weapons, C:\Program Files\AlamDV2\plugins\Movie & TV...etc). This happened to me too with a plugin I made. wink