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TV SERIES "Charlies Weirdos"

Posted: Thu, 10th Jun 2004, 9:22pm

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Hey, I'm hoping to use AlamDV2-3 and the Chromanator for this series me and alot of friends are creating based on a funny little comic book I did... do that what program do i need for the dvd cam to do best like Adobe Premeire ? something? Unfortunately I have an Aiptek minidv thing which is horrendous quality, (which might just be the lighting i'm not sure) so I was hoping what programs would work best with AlamDV2 and Chromanator?

We are hoping to film the entire season 1 this summer since it's only 10 eps and each ep is a half hour (FULL HALF HOUR) long so yeah...

which would come to another question, doesn't anyone know a good DVD creator program that allows Special Menus and even ability to put in a special features thing? Someone a Real DVD would have? Any programs that might have something like that in it to make the DVD's with. -once i buy alamdv2 and film ep 1 i'll post in a teaser of the ep. "Evil Hippies"-
Posted: Thu, 10th Jun 2004, 11:30pm

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Take a look at DVDlab at the site.
Posted: Fri, 11th Jun 2004, 10:11pm

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Thanks, that looks awesome.