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How do I move layers up and down?

Posted: Wed, 20th Feb 2002, 6:01pm

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How does someone move a layer in ALAMDV? Say I did a smoke overlay then decided I wanted to do a fire plugin under it. Right now I move the 1st layer. Select the 2nd. Cut the 2nd. Paste the 2nd. Select the 1st. Cut the 1st. Paste the 1st. When that is done I have layer 2 over 1. Is there something I am missing? (If not I don't care I love the program!)
Posted: Wed, 20th Feb 2002, 6:49pm

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I remember schwar saying something about holding the shift key down while moving the layer or something... I'm not sure
Posted: Wed, 20th Feb 2002, 11:57pm

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That's right, Hold down shift to move between layers.