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The Bladerunner Chronicles

Posted: Wed, 16th Jun 2004, 2:06pm

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HindSight Films

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The Bladerunner Chronicles is an internet based fan film series currently in production. It is a feature lenght production that will be broken up into 10 fifteen minute episodes. This film makes extensive use of 3D CGI animation as well as effects generated using ALAM DV and CHROMANATOR.

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Posted: Wed, 16th Jun 2004, 4:31pm

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wow! that was cool, only i wish i could have seen more fighting, the 3d was amazing, good job. make a quicktime version it will play alot better, because it was really glichy, (and Yes i downloaded it all the way) windows media player is not very good.
but loved the teaser, i think ill give this a strong 4
good job, cant wait to see more from you.
peace out
Posted: Wed, 16th Jun 2004, 4:56pm

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very nice. shows excellent promise. I look forward to the release of each episode.
Posted: Wed, 16th Jun 2004, 5:30pm

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The 3D is stunning, Ive seen some of these guys at scifi3d I belive, all of them really know thiere stuff.
Also the actual camera film looks neat, some great mix of colors and a very futuristic look of it all.
This looks promiesing indeed!
Posted: Wed, 16th Jun 2004, 6:37pm

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This is looking really good, fantastic 3d town you got there!
Posted: Wed, 16th Jun 2004, 9:24pm

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very impressive. looking forward to the first episode.
Posted: Thu, 17th Jun 2004, 6:38am

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You have digital graded the movie right? Because as Andreas said you have got a very futuristic feel to the movie. Can't wait for it!

4 (Since this only is a teaser)
Posted: Thu, 17th Jun 2004, 10:46am

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3d is impressive, & the way the live action matches the colours nicely. Seeing some more futuristic cars would be nice...I just saw loads of the ones with red lights & only one different one.

Posted: Fri, 18th Jun 2004, 12:51pm

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Very impressive. loved the Weyland Yutani sticker!!! nice one!
Posted: Sun, 20th Jun 2004, 3:02am

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From a visual aspect it looks great. I look forward in seeing it.

I just hope you guys keep to the theme of blade runner. It wasn't just blood and guts, kill all replicents, kind of movie. It had a thought provoking message behind it.
Posted: Sun, 20th Jun 2004, 7:30am

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This was nice 3D animations! But I didn't realize what the story was in this movie! when it comes out, I will defenently watch it! biggrin

A 5 from me! biggrin
Posted: Mon, 21st Jun 2004, 8:26pm

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I watched this twice. And I have to say that the 3D-Animation was really awesome for this site. You could tell that it was scripted in some shots, but it didn't ruin the overall feel for me. Umm, as far as for a 'trailer' this wasn't very good, it didn't have anything for the viewer to 'chew' on. Just because this 'trailer' had good 3D-Animation doesn't mean it should have high ratings. There are so many other factors to consider. It seems to me that a lot of people rate off of impulse rather than an overall viewing.

Good 3D-Animation. It will be very cool to see when finished - again, try and fix the scripted stuff, give more of a natural feel.

No substance, there was nothing that said anything about your short. And the scene where the guy in the white hoodie is running with the guns looked really cheesy. Before shooting action scenes with guns try and shot some real guns so you know what you can and CANNOT do with real guns, and it will carry over into your movie.
Lighting wasn't very good either. And there was just a touch to much animation and not enough live footage.

Overall it was 'ok', but not worthy of a 3-5. I look forward to seeing this short, but try and fix some small errors and your short could go along way.
Posted: Tue, 22nd Jun 2004, 1:13am

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HindSight Films

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Thank you for the comments.

This is not a trailer, it is a teaser. It is meant to give just a glimps of the film.

The series is live action with plenty of CGI work. Some shots will be all CGI, some with be enhanced through digital effects wizardry! The lovely thing about Blade Runner is the visuals, and we're busting our humps to make the visuals intense, textured, and dynamic. The moods the lighting can invoke, and the dark and gritty presence of the city and the characters are all very important to us. The themes that were central to the feature film are there, but we do not want to retell the same story either.

Instead of Los Angeles, it takes place in MetroTampa: 2019. The plot is basically this: Two Blade Runners working on an important case have an inspector from internal affairs following them around. They have to justify the way they handle the replicant problem, and justify their own jobs.... That's about all the plot I can give away without ruining the story. There are several other plot lines and they are all interesting.

We're trying to make the stories live in the Blade Runner world without being the same stories already told, and without retreading the same themes touched upon in the film, and the books. The series will have a dedicated website fairly soon, where you'll be able to view the episodes once completed, and also check out behind the scenes video, and TONS of photos, artwork, storyboards and the like. It'll be a loaded site. It's a fan film, and we'll be posting everything on the site we'd like to see as a fan.

Blade Runner Chronicles is going to be the culmination of lots of work and dedication by many fans.
Posted: Wed, 30th Jun 2004, 6:39pm

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The CG was good but there's still one hurdle you have to get over and that's making the CG not look so... CG. It's like going from a movie to a cartoon then back to a movie again. There is software out there that will help make your animations look more realistic by applying a "film grain" to them and that's what your graphics look like they need. The graphics actually look okay from a distance it's when the camera goes in for close-up's that you can tell something's weird....

What 3d software are you using?
Posted: Sat, 31st Jul 2004, 11:18pm

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Hey Ryan,

This is Brett. I think the film is going to be absolutely wonderful, and I cannot wait to work on it. I am very much looking forward to working with you. Thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to be in it. I loved the CG work in the teaser.