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smoothing out harsh lines

Posted: Wed, 30th Jun 2004, 8:15pm

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I am working on a project using alot of green screen work,I have been using chromanator and acheived great results.However my composites have the actors in b/w set against pastel backdrops,thus the edges of the actors are kind of pixely and jagged so I have two questions.What might I do in the future to remedy this in chromanator.And to keep room on my hard drive I erased the original projects,so is there anything I can do in chromy or ae to fix this after the fact.I would appreciate any input
Posted: Wed, 30th Jun 2004, 8:31pm

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Check to make sure that the 'anti-alias layers' setting is on, as this prevents jagged edges. Also, try playing about using the blur a tiny tiny bit - might make a difference?

As for the delted project files, I don't think that Chromy can do much to sort that out, but some data recovery software might do the trick.

Posted: Wed, 30th Jun 2004, 9:51pm

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yeah, in the same menu as color difference is something called Alpha Blur or something like that. Set that to 1 or 2 and you should see a better result.