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Driving Background

Posted: Sat, 3rd Jul 2004, 8:07am

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Where can I get an animated background so you see me driving and the cameras filming the front of the car? I already filmed me in the car.
Posted: Sat, 3rd Jul 2004, 9:52am

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Are you looking for some footage that looks like it was shot out the back of a car? If you are then I can think of a pretty simple way to acheive this wink
Posted: Sat, 25th Sep 2004, 10:43pm

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just go around in your city, with your camera filming from the back of the car wink
Posted: Sun, 26th Sep 2004, 7:57am

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sciedou wrote:

just go around in your city, with your camera filming from the back of the car wink
I think this is the best way to go, make sure that you "make a turn" when the backdrop make a turn... If you se what I mean.
Posted: Sun, 27th Mar 2005, 9:22pm

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do you mean like on the bonnet of the car looking in? If so construct some sort ofstand to hold you camera upon the the car bonnet(hood).
Posted: Sat, 2nd Apr 2005, 11:24am

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Did this recently but were fortunate that the car has its tailgate window that can be opened . Other wise the clarity would have suffered just through the back window with the heating elements etc

We set up the camera in the hatchback area on a tripod , then used a wide angle lense to get the full width if the road , we chose a straight section of road that was pretty quite on a sunday ,set to record and off we go for about 90seconds. up to about 50mph . (son is only 12 so cant drive , im just the labourer to his ideas )

but not too bad for a first attempt. Speed increase started to give wind downforce on the window so a little section it shows , but that is outside the viewing boundry in the chromanator so no worries.

Problem son now has is to film the car driving as its going to be a puppet !!!
So having to green screen the car on our drive way .

Lots of help here so should work ok after a few goes .

How did you film you in the car, did you use a bonnett mount ?

hope this gives you an idea .
by the way the car is a renault scenic , but others are able to open the window too .
As an idea hire car costs arnt that great if you need to build up some footage stock ?

As the file is quite large I dont know how to upload an example , any ideas if I can do that ?