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Demon's, Vampires, etc - Plugins - Who's done them well?

Posted: Tue, 6th Jul 2004, 6:57am

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I see in the plugin section, some that add vampire (ala Buffy) foreheads, demon horns, eyes, fangs, etc... to people, but I've never seen anyone's film in the Cinema Section, who actually has used these.

I would love to see some of these types of plugins, in use... does anyone have any clips I can take a look at? If I can find someone who can do them well, we might be able to get them some work. I will be producing 5 creature features shot on DV in the $20,000 US range, and will be looking for someone that can do these types of FX. Obviously there are more expensive programs that can be done, more professional, etc... but along with those software packages costing more, so do the people that use them. As I said, we're going the inexpensive route. So if anyone has seen clips that use AlamDV's capabilities like this, or know of anyone who does this kind of work with Alam DV, please let me know.

Contact Daniel Martone
Posted: Tue, 6th Jul 2004, 10:08am

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I am the maker of the Demon kit and Vampire plug-ins.
I have only seen them used once and that was to transform the actors eyes in

"Doctor Macarbre's Tales of Terror"

I have never come across them being used fully.

Not too sure if they are in other movies.

I would suggest just using them for a transformation sequence rather than for a moving subject. (You might get away with it if its only a short number of frames)
Posted: Tue, 6th Jul 2004, 10:23am

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I agree with Oily. If you're going for extended scenes with actors needing this kind of appearance, then practical make-up is the only sensible way to go really. The plugins can be used for transformations or quick shots.
Posted: Tue, 6th Jul 2004, 2:09pm

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yeah, you really wont want to rotoscope that on his head for every shot. You'd go insane... Not to mention that it would look bad.
Posted: Tue, 6th Jul 2004, 6:36pm

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It could be simply for a transformation into a creature, or for few second glimpse... we wouldn't want them running around the entire time like that. I'd just like to see what it would look like when done by someone that really knows what they're doing.