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O Homem da Casa (Man of the House)

Posted: Thu, 8th Jul 2004, 11:33am

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A light and somewhat violent approach to the everlasting question of "Who Rules the Household... Man or Woman?"

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Posted: Thu, 8th Jul 2004, 1:04pm

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Hey, I know your problems!

A really funny movie. Especially the beer-scene and the ending is absolutely great.

I like this one even better than the one with the videogame (As sombras de Gabriel).

Oh, I have to end now. (Must go and clean the dishes)
Posted: Fri, 9th Jul 2004, 6:29am

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Very often, it is the serious treatment of light themes that makes for the funniest moments. I absolutely loved the movie! And no offense, if that really is your wife, but she is gorgeous. LOL. I think it's great that she shares your love for filming and helps you out. The can of furniture polish, and the bottle of beer, both steal the show.
Posted: Fri, 9th Jul 2004, 1:41pm

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Jeee... really liked your film. At first it was soo serious, and I thought, wow there is going to be a great battle action scene, but then realized, its about men being overrun by woman. ITS GONNA BE THE END OF THE WORL !!! wink

Thought it was really funny, and great action chorography. And as it was mentioned before, that CHICKS hot wink !!!!

5 from me mate .

Posted: Fri, 9th Jul 2004, 4:00pm

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you are good actor
Posted: Fri, 9th Jul 2004, 10:19pm

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Haha I thought that was great it really cracked me up. I really liked the freeze frames on the kicks, those looked nice.

Heh did filming the devastating moment hurt? confused

Overall great film

Posted: Fri, 9th Jul 2004, 11:19pm

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J Mijares

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I agree, it was a great film. Simple. To the point. And the way it was set up, from the serious tone to the comical ending, worked very very well. I'm sure every guy on this site felt that kick to the groin...

Five stars!

Posted: Sat, 10th Jul 2004, 6:49am

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made me laugh for sure, full five wink
Posted: Sat, 10th Jul 2004, 4:34pm

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This was interesting, I'm not too sure I really liked it. I thought you had some good editing, an interesting concept, nice camera, the fight scene was one of a kind, hehe.
But this kind of comdey doesn't really appel to me.

Oh by the way,
neither 'rules' the house.
Posted: Sun, 11th Jul 2004, 4:26pm

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Just wanted to thank everyone for the reviews.

This one was filmed in about two days, and edited in two more.

Me and my wife (yep, the hot chick is already taken wink ) were practicing a fighting coreagraphy for a scene in another more serious film, in which i was suposed to fight another actor.
I've decided to tape the fight to see how it was developing on screen.

After adding some filters, we really like the way it came out, so i wrote the dialogue, filmed the beer and the talking parts, added the final fight kick in the nuts, and presto, done.

In one of the sequences where i block one of the punches, i hurt my left thumb, thus the scene in the fight where i touch twice my left arm and put it behind my back, like saying: 'See here woman, i can fight with only my right arm!'.
Men can be dumb sometimes...
Posted: Mon, 12th Jul 2004, 1:18am

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Right from the opening credits the movie has a great look and feel. I think the editing is fantastic. The freeze frames, the white flashes, even the credits and subtitles all worked together for a great look. The acting is very good and the story really worked even though this started out as a test reel. The narration added a nice touch to create the feel of bonding with the veiwers. I myself really like a comedy that takes itself seriously. I think it is harder to pull off than a slapstick comedy. Nicly done.
Posted: Mon, 12th Jul 2004, 11:10pm

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Eh, i didn't really like this to much. The fight scene was pretty cool i guess but the whole idea was a little sketchy to me. I liked how the film paused when one of you was kicking another in mid air or something like that, other than that though, it was just a little odd. The narrarating was pretty cool though. Oh and she only got the dominant role because she nailed the husband in the junk.
Posted: Wed, 14th Jul 2004, 10:56pm

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One of my new favorites on the site. Very well done. Very funny stuff. We all know that the ladies really rule the casa anyway.

My wife keeps my "macho" in a golden box. Of course she is the only one with the key and she only gives it to me when she thinks I need it. wink
Posted: Tue, 27th Jul 2004, 11:06pm

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I enjoyed this movie a great deal. I am single, so I'm not sure how it is... but I can imagine that this would portray man's eternal struggle in this day and age. Don't women know that man was created to conquer and rule the world? Ha!
Posted: Wed, 13th Oct 2004, 10:19am

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Just got to finally watch your movie and I thought it was great, very enjoyable. Your acting was perfect for the movie, the way you approached the dialogue seriously until the very end worked very well. The story was concise and well shot , excellent!