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A Second Quick Question

Posted: Thu, 22nd Jul 2004, 5:17pm

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In Chromanator, when I import greenscreen footage from my hard disk (AVI, captured from a DVC 80) it comes out super pixelated, but when i compare it on Chromanator to my original source footage on Windows Media Player, the original zoomed at 200% is much higher quality than zoomed at 200% on Chromanator. Why is this? If i render will it still come out crappy quality like it displays? Help me out, because I'm testing out the demo because IU'm getting Chromanator next Wednesday, and I making sure its worth it. Thanks in advance, Ben.

EDIT: Whoops. My brother must've been logged in on my computer because I thought I was logged in under ben3308.
Posted: Fri, 23rd Jul 2004, 3:42am

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Maybe it has to do with they way you have set your import settings? But if it looks pixallated, don't worry about it, when it's pixallated in Chromy on your DV codec I've noticed that it will export perfectly in the end.

-Hope that helps,
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