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Quick question about the interface...

Posted: Mon, 23rd Aug 2004, 2:58pm

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I saw a tutorial on on how to make lightswords. It looked really easy so I downloaded the demo version of AlamDV.

In the tutorial they are using the mac version and Im runnig it on a PC.

The thing that was different and what bugged me was that I had to choose Lightsword for every frame, and it didnt remember my settings (amount of glow, color). In the tutorial I got the inpression that you just picked it and started to "drawing".

Maybe Im missing something really basic here but I wanted to check with you guys before I buy it.

// Mattias
Posted: Mon, 23rd Aug 2004, 3:04pm

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Simon K Jones

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When you select a lightsword, it's default length is only one frame. You need to extend its length. First drag the outpoint with the right button, then drag the span keyframe with the left button. You can then just move through each frame and position the lightsword as required.

Don't forget to switch to the alamdv1 mode when working with lightsabers, it makes it much easier.

Check out the AlamDV2 tutorials, they tell you just about everything you need to know:
Posted: Mon, 23rd Aug 2004, 3:08pm

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Oh and that tutorial is for AlamDV1. Now it's AlamDV2, and AlamDV3 will some out soonish smile