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Color and Black and White

Posted: Tue, 24th Aug 2004, 10:25pm

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I am working on an old B&W image that has been converted to digital and I want to add another character that was video taped on green sceen. My question is that since that final version will all be in B&W is it better to import the image (green screen) in color and then desaturate the color in my editing software? I am thinking that if I lose the color information before when I import in Chromanator it will not have any green to read from. Is this right. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted: Tue, 24th Aug 2004, 10:53pm

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Your thinking is correct -- you don't want to desaturate before doing the compositing.
Posted: Tue, 24th Aug 2004, 11:31pm

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Import in Color, then gey your green to satisfaction. Do grading, spill suppression and all that jazz, THEN desaturate.

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