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3d Plugin for all effects - has it already been done?

Posted: Wed, 25th Aug 2004, 7:52pm

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I've just purchased AlamDV and used it for the first time and it's great - done exactly what I wanted.

I noticed that when putting something like a bullet hit on a wall you have to be careful that the actor doesn't move infront of it or obviously the effect is "on top" of them instead of the wall.

As an Ex-programmer it is obvious to be that it is a small change to make the AlamDV render process deal with this. The algorithm would be;

Sample the area the effect will cover and hold as a mask
During render - at each frame before placing effect on screen (as it does now), check the area against the sample mask.
For each pixel in the area, if it differs from the mask DON'T place that pixel of the effect. Only place part of the effect that falls in the UNCHANGED portion compared to the mask. (Sound hard put think about it).

The result would be an actor could walk INFRONT of any effect that was "marked" as 3D.

As this been thought of and already done??

Posted: Wed, 25th Aug 2004, 9:21pm

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You can already mask out effects so that they go "behind" an actor. In the same way that you select an effect there's a masks menu. They're only simple shapes but in V3 the masking is apparently going to be much more flexable.
Posted: Wed, 25th Aug 2004, 9:49pm

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Well the idea he gave seems like a good one. I don't know anything about programming though, so let's wait for Schwar or Tim to answer smile
Posted: Wed, 25th Aug 2004, 10:08pm

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He's essentially talking about automated difference keying, which would only apply to the pixels directly under the effect. It's a good idea, but the three factors that need to be considerred are video noise (which can be worked around), camera movement (which would probably render this feature unusable), and what the effect is placed on (it has to remain stationary).

So there's a trade off...

If it's easy to implement, then it will come in handy in a couple situations, but if it takes some time, then it's too limited to concentrate on.