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Losing the green edge

Posted: Sun, 29th Aug 2004, 7:21pm

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I am working on a shot where an actor walks next to an actor from an old black and white clip. After shooting my sequences and loading it into Chronamantor I cannot seem to get rid of the greenish glow around the actor who was in front of the green screen. Is this a function of Black Point, White Point, or something in the way I shot the video. I have tried Spil Supression, but nothing seems to get rid of the green glow around the actor.

Posted: Sun, 29th Aug 2004, 7:33pm

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Could you post a picture of your original footage?
Posted: Sun, 29th Aug 2004, 8:18pm

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yeah, some before and after shots would really help.
Posted: Mon, 30th Aug 2004, 4:11am

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Use the contrast alpha found by the keys and adjust the black and white points. Is it still so after youve rendered it?
Posted: Tue, 31st Aug 2004, 10:31am

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Simon K Jones

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Make sure you choose the green option for the spill suppression tool. That should remove green spill around the edge.

However, it does depend on the quality of the footage. If you have lots of green spill and reflection you may need to do additional work. As the others said, if we could have a look at a sample of the footage we could give you some pointers.
Posted: Mon, 13th Sep 2004, 4:50pm

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Like bmirman, I cannot take off all the dark green rdges from some of my shots. Any remedy?
Posted: Tue, 14th Sep 2004, 10:02am

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If the spill suppression tool is not adequate in taking the green spill off the acting character, perhaps consider trying the “Erode Alpha” filter in the “Key” section, making sure to choose "all" from the dropdown menu on the filter. This filter removes more of the mask that you made during the keying process. A value or 1 or 2 should be sufficient. The “Super Contrast Alpha” filter might also help.
Posted: Tue, 14th Sep 2004, 12:19pm

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if you filmed something in such a way that you cannot remove the green spill, and if the shot was not a very complex or difficult one, I would re-shoot it with better lighting, or what ever you need to do different to make sure the green is more noticable to chromonator.

I know that I had the same problem when I first got my greenscreen, but I went down to my local hardware store and bought two very cheap yet very powerful lgihts, the kind that turn on when you plug them in, and get so hot so fast they have a handle. I just pointed them up against my ceiling in the room of my greenscreen, and chromonator was able to pretty much pick up everything, especially when I applied spill supression.