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magic code problem

Posted: Fri, 10th Sep 2004, 9:07am

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hello , i have purshased alamdv2 from a shop near my house with 50euro and the vender gives me a serial number and a passowrd to register on the website but i can't download plugins from his site please help me to resolve this problem and have a magic key mad and
thanks in advantage.
Posted: Fri, 10th Sep 2004, 9:09am

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You have been sold an illegal copy.

Alamdv is only available from this website. No shops sell it, no distributors have it.

Your magic code is also fake.

Without a proper magic code, or valid purchase (from this site) you cannot get plugins.

Posted: Fri, 10th Sep 2004, 11:34am

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Simon K Jones

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Best bet is to get a refund as soon as possible, then report the shop to the local authorities.

As xcession said, the only legitimate versions of our software are available from this site only.