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stargate water effect

Posted: Wed, 29th Sep 2004, 6:56pm

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Im looking to make a stargate movie, i would very much appreciate if someone tell me how i can create the water effect, when the stargate is first activated, there is that water effect that comes out of the stargate.
if you could help, i would be very grateful.
Posted: Wed, 29th Sep 2004, 10:18pm

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PM b4uask30male he'll help you out
Posted: Thu, 30th Sep 2004, 7:56am

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It's quite hard, i've had a lot of people try and recreate it for me over the years.
The best result in the end was a screen capture of the real gate in the show, then masked around to fit my own gate. ( see stargate openday on here to see results )

I wish I could help more but everyone struggled with it, even pro's, so maybe it's best to grab from the show.

if you need anymore stargate help just ask ( i'm currently making a 6th / 7 episode back to back of "Call it a Stargate"