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Posted: Fri, 22nd Oct 2004, 11:44am

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Ok..No lauchs plz

My Nephew want to do a movie with some of his cards
was wondering if anyone can make like two different guys for it..from the cards..I only know of one of there names..Black magic guy i think its his name and any other.. just need to have one attack move for them

I sure something like this would be hard..If i new how to build 3dmodels I would do it..But I dont have the talent for it..Like all the great people here do smile " beens overs starts kissing some butt " wink

But if not..its ok...I'm sure he'll find something else to do

Maybe after I get chrom...I can use it to do some guys that way??? have them dress like the chars ..on blue screen..its an idea smile
Posted: Fri, 22nd Oct 2004, 12:38pm

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You should probably don your flame retardant jacket right about now wink
Posted: Fri, 22nd Oct 2004, 5:37pm

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Cantaclaro puts on his Batman cape, waits and watches with fire extinguisher close at hand

SHHHH SHHHH the room is momentarily filled with a white mist as Cantaclaro tests it out for safety.

Canta unsure