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Need some help getting a jack-0-lanter like from ...

Posted: Mon, 25th Oct 2004, 1:10am

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like from a sleep hollow cartoon or movie..real looking one

would be neat to get one that showed it from all sides smile

and the flames moved in two where it would like would fly at cam,and a side shot...these two shots are the only ones that would be needed to have moving flames smile If i could only get these two would be great smile
the reset if U didnt mine or

just to have still shots of all side would be a enough

thxs million

And Happy Halloween guys...I'll be posting a link here soon to where u can view my Halloween prouch smile
Posted: Mon, 25th Oct 2004, 4:39pm

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The Artur

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cant you just buy a pumpkin and carve it out? It would look a lot better than a plugin.
Posted: Mon, 25th Oct 2004, 8:39pm

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Well i could do that..but I would go through alot of pumkins and time making them.. and I'm sure we cant throw a pumkin as far smile

Doing a headless horseman thing wink And yes we have a horse smile..Should be fun filming it on greenscreen..LOL
Posted: Mon, 25th Oct 2004, 9:13pm

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It would make more sense to make up a pumpkin, and film it to match the angles of the footage you take of the horseman.

That would look a LOT better than using some sort of plugin, imho.