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keying difficulties

Posted: Mon, 25th Oct 2004, 8:22pm

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Hi. im trying the demo of chromanator with my green screen footage to see how it fairs. Ive tired keying in premiere and its come out really quite well. But trying the same in chromanator is proving hard. i still have ALOT of green patches in the picture in and around my character, and this is after spill suppression etc... The garbage matte ive used but alas the green is all round my character and it just wont leave me alone!

The footage i shot on a Digital8 camera was good but the lighting of the screen was really poor. however i just cant understand why something as horrible to key with as premiere is, is coping with it and not chromanator?

Is this purely down to lighting?

Thanks. Chris sad
Posted: Mon, 25th Oct 2004, 8:26pm

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If you can post a high quality screenshot from the movie I'll take a look and provide some suggestions as to how it can be improved.

It's worth taking a look at this prior thread:

As you can see, pulling a key is often just about understanding how a program works. If you scroll down to my post, I pulled a good key from poor footage very easily.

Anyway, please post up an image if possible. It's hard to suggest ideas without having a look at the setup.