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matrix shots....

Posted: Sat, 30th Oct 2004, 2:03am

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anyone know some good matrix type of backrounds like the one where morphous brings neo into the jump program and the shot with thier feet with the camera coming down on the building top...........i figure its not practical to ask for that though but any stuff that would help for a matrix films please help
Posted: Sat, 30th Oct 2004, 8:46am

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For the Loading into the jump program you would want an overhead shot of the 2 characters chromakeyed into i t yer?

Well have a white bvackground put in from your NLE so it looks like they are stood in the white zone and use a cross zoom from the background into ANY building top and voila! looks like they loaded into the jump program! no need for the real pics!

Hope u get what im on about? if not will post more.

hope it helps, Chris