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Back to the future

Posted: Sun, 31st Oct 2004, 10:19am

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YES we all love good old BAck to the future dont we!?

Well i had an idea that i oculd find pretty useful but as im useless at plugin creation and 3D software kind of hurts my head i was wondering what you guys thought/ or could do.

A Kit to make your car look like the time machine off of BTTF!

Like you have with the evil face kits, your assortment of stuff to stick where you want.

All you need is like the 2 big jets like off the side of the delorean, the hook off the top, and things like the big wires down the side for the side of the car. And anything else that would contribute and hey presto you would have any standard car looking like its ready and waiting to hit 88mph!

I think this would be a good idea foa anyone wanting some kind of fun time machine with links back to the movie. Maybe someone could do a 'flux capacitor' plugin fr the interior? You know, that Y shaped thing that pulses!?

Just an idea. i think it would rock!

Plz help. CHris.
Posted: Sun, 31st Oct 2004, 3:49pm

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owen rixon

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but the second the car was required to turn, you would have to redo every part of the plugin from hundreds of far as I can see the plugin you proposed would only work from 1 set angle, not giving film makers much freedom.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Nov 2004, 1:59pm

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But in fanfilms/spoofs then they might just need one angle.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Nov 2004, 2:33pm

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Do a prop, you can't have a plugin for this.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Nov 2004, 3:25pm

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ive done a video of this chris but instead of a delorean ive used an rc mini i took apart an old cd-rom used the wires and bits inside to make all my electric bits on the outside and have made a v short sequence where the mini disappers and reappears if you pm me your email ill send u some pics of the mini to help you along
btw back to the future is like my fav movie of all time