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Which Software Should I Choose?

Posted: Sun, 7th Nov 2004, 2:27pm

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I'm a complete newcomer to all this so could anyone tell me which software (AlamDV2, AlamDV3, Chromonator, etc..) allows you to create your own images-or something similar(?!)
Posted: Sun, 7th Nov 2004, 3:26pm

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Microsoft Paint.
Posted: Sun, 7th Nov 2004, 3:31pm

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lets you add 2D effects to your video clip, like Lightsabers, explosions, fire, etc. you get these effects from the online plugin library, or make them yourself


lets you composite clips together. That is, put them together in some way, like greenscreening, masking, etc.

Digigrade(not out yet)

lets you modify the color of a clip, for example like this.

AlamDV3(not out yet)

it's like AlamDV2, but infinitely better. read the news posts about it for more details.[/u]
Posted: Sun, 7th Nov 2004, 5:29pm

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Why not refer back to the product description pages:



Posted: Sun, 7th Nov 2004, 9:49pm

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What are you looking to do? I thought the Microsoft Paint suggestion was pretty accurate, considering you're asking for a program that

"allows you to create your own images"

Sounds like you're asking for Photoshop, Photoimpact, Paint, etc...